About "The Halal Planet"

About "The Halal Planet"
The Halal Planet | About our website

In an age where the term "halal" is rapidly gaining prominence beyond religious boundaries, finding reliable information on the subject can be a daunting task. Enter "The Halal Planet," a one-of-a-kind blog that serves as a comprehensive guide to all things halal, in every category imaginable and from every corner of the globe. Whether you're a Muslim seeking to adhere to your faith's guidelines or a non-Muslim interested in ethical and health-conscious choices, The Halal Planet offers invaluable insights.

Content Categories

The richness of The Halal Planet lies in its wide array of topics, all meticulously researched and thoughtfully presented. Categories include:

Halal Food and Culinary Adventures

From the sumptuous biryanis of India to the exotic seafood dishes of Malaysia, The Halal Planet takes you on a gastronomic journey, uncovering hidden gems and popular eateries that serve halal food.

Halal Beauty and Personal Care

Navigate the often confusing world of cosmetics and personal care products with a guide that explains which ingredients to avoid and recommends halal-certified brands.

Halal Finance

Whether you're interested in Sharia-compliant investments or seeking a halal mortgage, this blog offers you all the information you need to make informed financial decisions.

Halal Travel

The Halal Planet doesn't just recommend destinations; it offers detailed itineraries, hotel reviews, and tips on finding halal food, allowing you to travel the world without compromising your beliefs.

Halal Lifestyle

Beyond food and travel, the blog explores halal options in fashion, home décor, and even technology. Learn how to lead a holistic halal lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Global Perspectives

What sets The Halal Planet apart is its international scope. Featuring contributors from different cultural backgrounds and geographic locations, the blog provides a truly global view of what it means to choose halal.

Authenticity and Trust

The Halal Planet takes authenticity seriously. Each blog post comes with references, and whenever possible, links to halal certificates or accrediting bodies. This commitment to transparency has made it a trusted name in the halal community.


The Halal Planet is more than just a blog; it's a comprehensive resource, a community, and a global directory that unites people who are interested in making ethical and halal choices. It brings together the various strands of halal living—food, finance, travel, and lifestyle—under one platform, offering readers a 360-degree view of a halal life. If you've ever had a question about halal, chances are you'll find your answer here.