Eid Gift Ideas: Celebrating with Faith and Tradition

The Halal Planet - Eid Gift Ideas
The Halal Planet - Eid Gift Ideas

Muslims observe Eid-al Fitr, a worldwide holiday, to commemorate the conclusion of Ramadan, a sacred month dedicated to fasting, prayer, and introspection. Eid al-Fitr, commonly known as the Festival of Breaking Fast, is a cheerful holiday. Eid customs include feasting on delectable dishes and giving gifts to loved ones and relatives. A basic tenet of Islam is giving and receiving gifts.

The Prophet Muhammad stated, "Give gifts because they build love among you."

Elaborate presents can include confections like chocolate-covered Medjool dates, candies, and dried fruit and nuts. It may also include jewelry, accessories, and clothes with festive themes fit for an Eid celebration.

Understanding the Essence of Eid Gifts


Muslims celebrate Eid with great tradition, particularly on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, when they exchange presents with one another. A beautiful tradition that symbolizes much more than gift-giving is weaved throughout these joyous celebrations.

The Cultural and Religious Significance of Giving Gifts During Eid

In terms of culture, exchanging gifts at Eid fortifies communities and bonds:

  • Joy and celebration: Exchanging gifts, especially the traditional "Eidiyah" (money or small presents) with youngsters, makes everyone smile and contributes to the celebratory mood.

  • Strengthening family ties: Giving presents to family and friends during Eid is a typical way to let them know how much you care and to maintain your close family unit.

  • Promoting social cohesion: Present-giving and receiving among neighbours and friends fosters relationships and a sense of belonging among Muslims.


Giving gifts on Eid represents Islamic principles and values in a religious sense:

  • Charity and Zakat: On Eid al-Fitr, the month of Ramadan, which is dedicated to fasting and almsgiving, comes to an end. Giving presents promotes kindness and generosity and preserves the Islamic requirement of Zakat (charity), especially to those who are in need.

  • Thankfulness and blessings: Offering gifts to Allah is regarded as a way to express gratitude for all of his benefits, which include the conclusion of Ramadan and the offering made on Eid al-Adha.

  • Taking a cue from the Prophet: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) personally highlighted the significance of being kind to others and offering gifts. Muslims are motivated by his teachings to practise their faith and imitate him by offering gifts.

Eid gifts: An Expression of Love, Respect, and Appreciation within the Muslim Community

Giving gifts during Eid transcends the exchange of items. It transforms into a language of love, intertwined with expressions of gratitude and respect, cementing the ties that bind the Muslim community together. Every well-chosen gift becomes a quiet act that speaks volumes, evoking deep feelings and reinforcing the universally felt spirit of Eid.

Eid Gifts.png

  • Children's Eidi: The custom of "Eidiyah" is undoubtedly the most enjoyable expression of love. Children are happy and excited when they receive money or modest gifts, which makes Eid a memorable occasion full of anticipation and wonderful memories.

  • Thoughtful Presents for Special People: Choosing customised presents for loved ones shows thought and concern. It demonstrates your concern for them and your desire to make sure they have a happy Eid. A cousin might receive a special meal, a sister might receive a prayer rug, or an uncle might receive a shawl.

  • Gratitude for Teachers and Elders: Giving gifts to teachers and elders is a concrete way to express your appreciation and respect for their knowledge and counsel. It thanks them for their contributions and recognises how they shaped your life.

  • Beyond Materials: The ultimate meaning of an Eid gift is found in the intention behind it, not merely the item itself. The most heartfelt ways to show love, respect, and gratitude can be as simple as spending time with loved ones or creating a personalised poem of gratitude or scarf.

Halal Gift Ideas for Eid 2024

Selecting the ideal Eid present might be challenging, but it's a great way to celebrate this happy event and show your loved ones how much you care. These halal gift suggestions are sure to be received enthusiastically:

Eid Gifts For Dessert Lovers

Here is a curated list of Gifts you can gift your loved ones this Eid:

1. Assorted Dates Box

Assorted Dates.png

A variety of dates in a box is a traditional and well-liked Eid present. They are not only classic and sophisticated-looking gift ideas, but they also have many health advantages. They are readily available and can be stored easily. You can check out Luxury Assorted Date stores like:

2. Assorted Maamoul Box

Maamoul is a type of butter cookie that is typically filled with dates, but it can also be prepared with walnuts or pistachios.

Assorted Mamoul Box.png

Date, pistachio, and walnut-filled cookies in an assortment box are a classic Eid delight. The cookies are mildly sweet and free of artificial colors, flavors, and syrups, as well as preservatives. The metallic container is prepared for giving or arranging during your Eid celebration. You can buy the assorted Maamoul box from our top picks:
Maison Samadi
Coco Jalila
Sweetland London
Gourmet Baklava

3. Assorted Chocolate Box

Assorted Chocolate.png

A gift box full of different halal chocolates is a wonderful idea. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, unique handcrafted chocolates, and foreign halal candies are all available for selection. You can never go wrong with it!

4. Assorted Baklava Box

Assorted Baklava.png

A box of mixed baklava, Turkish delight, or chocolate-covered dates with almonds is a great hit with any crowd. Beautifully wrapped gift baskets with a variety of halal candies and snacks are also a great option. Here are our top picks:

5. Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry Fruits and Nuts.png

A tray of dried fruit and nuts is an excellent ready-to-give hostess present to take to a friend's or neighbor's house for Eid. It's the ideal balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Eid Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Everyone likes to receive presents that are consumables, like tea and coffee. While most houses have a favorite that you can provide, some might be willing to try different brands and varieties to expand their palates. Give your loved ones a range of coffee and tea that come from different countries.

1. Personalised Coffee Mugs

We all enjoy our coffee. And you know what else everyone loves? Coffee Mug. Whether it is hot or cold, everyone appreciates a mug of coffee from their favorite or local cafe.


So, why not make our loved ones Eid more cheerful by creating a personalized mug that perfectly represents their distinct style and habits? Fun images can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal. You can shop those at your nearest gift shop or order a variety from our all time favorite online store Amazon.

2. Coffee Brewing Set

Some individuals have coffee in the morning as part of their regimen. However, for many coffee connoisseurs, it's a multimodal experience. Think beyond the box when selecting a present for a coffee lover. Think beyond the box when choosing what devices, subscription services, and other trendy items will make their brewing habits easier, more fun, or utterly refreshing.

3. Assorted Tea

A variety of herbal teas is undoubtedly a treat if your aunts or cousins enjoy detoxification. A calming herbal tea flavored with various essences, such as rose petals, chamomile, and lavender, is ideal for relaxing after an exhausting day.

Eid Gift For Perfume Lovers

Gifting a Halal and Luxurious Perfume to your friends and family is a great way to show love and respect to their choice.

Oud and Attar

oud and attar.png

Oud, a wood that comes from the Middle East, is among the most costly timbers available worldwide. Naturally occurring oud has a warm, woodsy, and bitter-sweet scent. In Islam, oud, also known as agarwood, is a symbol of love. Its captivating aroma makes it a wonderful Eid present. Attar is also an excellent option.

Eid Gifts for Hijabis

Here is a list of gifts that is perfect for your Hijabi friends and family:

1. Prayer Dress

prayer dress.png

Since Muslim women must cover their heads when praying, these clothing presents will be useful for them as they pray and incorporate their faith into their daily routine. You can definetly check out:

2. Hijab Magnets

hijab magnets.png
Today's most popular hijab accessory is a hijab magnet. Hijab magnets hold hijabs in place without causing damage to pricey fabrics, unlike safety pins, which can rip the fabric.

3. Arabic and Islamic Jewelry


Who doesn't like to dress up on Eid, and what better way to celebrate than by giving your loved ones jewelry to help them look their best? Beautiful jewelry is always appreciated, whether you're buying it as a gift for your mother, sister, or friend. To ensure that the person you get jewelry for truly cherishes it, always consider their preferences and tastes.

4. Abayah and Hijabs

abayah and hijab.png

Abayah is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Every modern hijabi would love it as an eid gift. Here are some of our favorite brands:

Islamic Gift Ideas

The list of Islamic gift for your Eid 2024 is finally here. Take a look:

1. Holy Quran

Holy Quran.png

A brand-new Quran in a particular edition or with an elegant cover makes a sentimental and ageless present. To aid in their deeper comprehension of the text, Qurans with translations, or tafsir (interpretation), are also available.

2. Prayer Cap

Give the little kid in your life a handcrafted hat as a valuable present that will help him learn the Quran or how to pray.

3.Prayer Mat for Travel

prayer mat for travel.png
A portable prayer mat is a thoughtful and lovely gift. It is lightweight prayer rugs and is available in several colors and come with a travel bag. This is a kind present for someone who travels frequently or simply wishes to be able to pray wherever they go—at work or elsewhere.

4. Islamic Wall Art

islamic wall decor.png
A recently acquired piece of Islamic wall art can infuse their home with inspiration and beauty. Select an item that embodies their individual flair and preferences. You can shop from:

5. Islamic Home Décor

Lovely accents to any home include a handcrafted Islamic ornament, a set of calligraphy wall hangings, or a stunning Islamic lamp.

6. Gift of Wisdom

gift of wisdom.png
A great book has the power to inspire action and broaden one's perspective. It helps with vocabulary growth and teaches knowledge on subjects that are relevant to daily life. Thus, you may also think of giving your loved ones brand-new, best-selling Islamic books for Eid.

Personalized and DIY Eid Gifts

Gifts that prioritize meaningful connections and enduring memories can truly embody the essence of Eid. Not all of the most precious Eid gifts come in elegant paper wrapping. They are the authentic ones, showing real concern, consideration, and a desire to establish a more meaningful connection.


1. Hand-calligraphed Dua Book:

Add your name and heartfelt prayers unique to your desires for Eid to a dua book. Adorn it with Islamic or henna-inspired designs. You can also gift a lovely calligraphy board with Surahs or Simple Dhikrs and Dua'as.

2. Homemade Spice Blend:

Create a spice blend, especially for your favorite Eid dishes, and package it in a jar with a handwritten recipe card.


This homemade spice mix can be used for Eid dishes.

3. Prayer mat with Special Embroidery:

Who does not love beautifuil Prayer Mat? It makes a wonderful Islamic gift for your friends and family.
prayer mat.png
You can embellish the prayer mat with their initials or a meaningful verse stitched in contrasting thread color.

4. Handmade Tasbih:

Handmade Tasbih.png

As a way to represent blessings and thoughtfulness during Eid prayers, make a bespoke tasbih using their favourit stone or favorite colors.

5. Embroidered Eid Cushion Cover:

Embroidered Eid Cushion Cover.png

Create a cushion cover with elaborate Islamic embroidery that features wishes for Eid Mubarak or a meaningful quote.

6. Scented Candles:


Create soy candles that are reminiscent of Eid festivities by infusing them with warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Add a joyful message or their initials to make the labels uniquely yours.

7. Phone Case with Eid Design:

Create a phone case that appeals to them, perhaps with geometric Islamic art, henna-inspired designs, or silhouettes of mosques.

Halal Food Near Me - Your Guide To Halal Delicacies
Eating at Halal-certified restaurants provides Muslims with peace of mind that the food they consume satisfies their dietary restrictions. It also fosters a feeling of community, as these restaurants frequently become gathering places for Muslims and those interested in Halal cuisine.

Shopping Apps: Your Gateway to Convenient Eid Shopping

Shopping have never been more popular than they are at the moment. Every day, more and more people choose the ease of shopping straight from their phones—they don't even need to open a browser or go to a store.


Nowadays, every reputable retailer has its shopping app. However, branded apps aren't the only ones that are popular right now; some of the best shopping apps are marketplace apps, multi-brand applications, or apps that facilitate easier online and in-store purchasing. Here is a list of shopping apps that can aid in finding the perfect Eid gifts:

Amazon: It provides a wide range of things, including apparel, home design, food, and gifts.

amazon (2).png

To narrow your search, use the "Halal" or specific certifications filter.

Noon: It is a Middle Eastern e-commerce platform with a special "Ramadan & Eid" area that features curated collections of clothes, gifts, and décor.


Many products carry visible Halal labels.

eBay: It sells both new and used products, making it easy to find one-of-a-kind gifts.


Etsy: It Directly connects you with independent sellers selling homemade Eid decor, personalized gifts, and festive clothing.


Halal Mochi Ice Cream Recipe: A Delightful Treat For The Faithful
Mochi is the sweet rice dough that encases your favorite ice cream. It has a fantastic squishy feel and is only mildly sweet, which helps to balance off the sweetness of the ice cream.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas

More than ever, individuals are considering both the impact and the cost of the presents they give to others. Finding environmentally safe and sustainable presents that go beyond simple labeling is important if you want to be an ethical customer.


Enterprises must adhere to best practices to ensure that neither the production process nor the goods themselves harm human health, the environment, or society.

Gift Ideas that are Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Here is a list of our Favorite Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products you can gift:

1. Indoor Garden Kit

Growing a garden indoors reduces transportation-related gas and carbon emissions while providing fresh produce. This is a useful and entertaining present for any food enthusiast. Everything needed to produce their own herbs indoors will be included in the kit, including soil, seeds, and a planter.

2. Beeswax food Wrappers

Beeswax food Wrappers.png

These wraps are an excellent substitute for plastic cling wrap. They can be used to store food in the freezer or refrigerator and are composed of natural materials. They may stop using their single-use plastic wraps and bags and still maintain the freshness of all of their food. Additionally, you can compost them or use them as a fire starter when it's time to buy new ones.

3. Reusable Bags

Using these bags at the grocery store can help cut down on plastic waste. They can be used for bulk commodities, fruits, and vegetables, and you can gift them in a range of sizes.

4. Glasses with Bamboo Lids

Glasses with Bamboo Lids.png
Reusable glasses and straws made without plastic are always a better choice. They are stylish and adorable. The glass can be personalized by printing a name, greeting, etc.

5. Succulent


Gifts that celebrate nature are ideal, such as the Succulent gift. The increased greenery will please the eyes and benefit the lungsfrom purified air. These indoor plants can be placed in the kitchen or home office. These green box succulents can be arranged in various locations across your flat or home.

6. Eco-Friendly Stationery

Choosing environmentally friendly stationery is a purposeful decision for a better planet, not merely a passing trend. You may help preserve resources, cut down on waste, and encourage ethical forestry by endorsing sustainable methods. Every page written and every pencil sharpened is a tiny step in the direction of a greener tomorrow.


Gift-giving is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which promotes compassion and strengthens community bonds. Each gift serves as a bridge of connection, expressing the spirit of Eid.

  • Thoughtful presents show true care and compassion, expressing a deeper significance than the price tag. A carefully picked gift indicates that you have considered the recipient's requirements and interests, leaving a lasting impression.

  • Gifts that promote love, generosity, or knowledge embody the heart of Eid. Consider donating to charitable causes in someone's name, giving instructional materials, or supporting local craftspeople who create meaningful goods.

  • The act of giving itself offers great delight to both the giver and the recipient. Witnessing someone's happiness at your kind act fuels the Eid spirit.

  • Gifts are physical demonstrations of love and appreciation that strengthen ties with family, friends, and loved ones. This act of kindness strengthens relationships and develops a sense of community.

  • Let your gift-giving selections reflect the spirit of Eid. Choose things that promote Islamic principles, foster spiritual growth, or honor cultural customs.

This Eid, go beyond the conventional. Choose gifts that reflect your religion, bring joy, and develop relationships. Remember that the genuine meaning of gifting is based on thoughtfulness and love. Celebrate Eid with faith, love, and giving, and make it a genuinely special and important celebration for everyone.

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