Unveiling the Mysteries of Numerology: A Comprehensive Guide

The Halal Planet - Unveiling the Mysteries of Numerology
The Halal Planet - Unveiling the Mysteries of Numerology

Numerology is an age-old belief system that gives numbers significance. Its foundation is the notion that numbers have power over our lives and that the cosmos is structured mathematically.

Numerologists examine a person's name and birthday, giving each letter and date number a numerical value. The total of these numbers is then divided into single digits (or occasionally master numbers like 11, 22, and 33), which are thought to provide clues about the individual's character, areas of strength and weakness, and life course.

Here's a Brief Summary of its Importance:

  • Knowing yourself: Numerology can provide an alternative viewpoint on your character attributes and possible difficulties.
  • Guidance on your life path: It can offer hints about your innate abilities and potential course of action.
  • Making decisions: Numerology can provide valuable insights for decision-making, but it shouldn't be the only consideration.

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Importance of Numerology in various Cultures and Traditions

Numerology has been woven into the fabric of civilizations and customs all across the world, giving numbers significant meanings. Here's an overview of its significance:

Ceremonies & rites: Numerological significance is incorporated into a lot of rites. Hindu wedding customs, for example, may include circling a fire seven times to represent the seven vows that are exchanged. Similar to how it represents prosperity in Chinese culture, the number 8 is sometimes used in business transactions and marriages.

Festivals: Numerology lends layers of meaning to festivals, from Mexico's Dia de los Muertos, where offerings are organized in threes (representing life, death, and rebirth), to East Asia's Lunar New Year, where the date and zodiac cycle are tied to numbers.

Architecture and Design: If you examine attentively, you may notice a numerological reflection in both architecture and design. Structures and buildings may be built according to geometric principles based on particular numbers, which reflects societal values of harmony and order.

Pythogaras And Chaldean Calander

History of Numerology-

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, thought numbers could describe the universe. One of the greatest of his time, he was born in Greece in 590 BC. He founded a covert school in Cortona, Italy, which was finally destroyed by fire.

Origins of Numerology and its Evolution Over Time

Pythagoras had the opinion that all things could be described as numbers, including God. Not long after his theories were publicized, numerology was included on the list of forbidden beliefs at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, along with other divination and fortune-telling practices.

The recurring usage of the numbers 3 and 7 suggests that numerology is present in the Bible, despite the Church's efforts to dissuade people from studying it. The most notable example is the holy trinity. The idea that the world was created in seven days is another instance of numerology in the Bible.

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Since then, most cultures have used numerology in one way or another. Juno Jordan brought Pythagoras' ideas back to life and expanded upon them in the 1960s in the West. She determined that the birth name and date had significant numerological impacts.

Pythagoras Numerology System

  • Pythagoras, a sixth-century Greek mathematician and metaphysician, is credited with creating the Pythagorean method.

  • The range of numbers is 1 through 9.

  • Among contemporary numerologists, Pythagorean numerology is the most straightforward, well-known, and often applied.

  • The Pythagorean method merely sets the numbers in order, with A=1, B=2, C=3, and so forth.

  • Both Western and Modern numerology are terms that are frequently used to refer to Pythagorean numerology.

  • The Pythagorean approach only works with whole numbers.

Numerology is also a great tool for understanding other people. You can accomplish these objectives and learn more about the kinds of people who complement you most by using Pythagorean numerology.

Chaldean Numerology system

With its roots in ancient Babylon, the Chaldean numerology system is arguably the oldest numerological system ever discovered.

  • Each letter has a number between 1 and 8. The number nine, which is said to be particularly spiritual, is not connected with any letters. It is prohibited to use this letter in Chaldean Numerology since it is extremely dishonest.

  • The Chaldean system matched letters and numerals using tones and sounds. The vibrations between the two are matched by the Chaldean style. The older and more "accurate" of the two languages is Chaldean.

  • It bases its readings on the name that others know you by the most, taking into consideration the numerical value of your name. Your numerology chart would therefore be based on Pete Smith, for instance, if your name is Peter Smith but you go by Pete most of the time.

  • Compound, or double-digit, numbers are always used. Double digits indicate a person's inherent qualities, whereas single digits symbolize external influences.

  • Double digits show influences from within, whereas single digits show an individual's external characteristics.

  • The day of the month you were born determines your date of birth number according to Chaldean numerology. Your number would be 21, for instance, if your birthday is May 21.

  • In Chaldean numerology, your birth number is very significant since, in contrast to your name, it never changes. Nothing will ever alter from the day of your birth. It is a recurring element in your chart of numbers.

You are now able to compute significant components of your life and your mission, thanks to her methods. These consist of your Karmic Debt numbers, Attitude, Personality, Soul Urge, Life Path, and Destiny. Look at the aforementioned free numerology calculators if you're interested in finding out what your numbers are.


Notable figures who contributed to the development of numerology

  • Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (6th century BC): Often referred to as the "father of numerology," Pythagoras thought numbers had cosmic importance. He researched the connections between the universe, music, geometry, and mathematics.

  • Pythagoras' pupil, Plato integrated numerology into his philosophical theories in the fourteenth century. He thought that the foundation of reality was made up of numbers.

  • Jewish scripture interpretation and mystical insights are possible through the use of the numerical value that is assigned to Hebrew letters by the method known as gematria. Its beginnings are probably old in origin.

  • The mystical tradition of Kabbalah uses numerology to interpret sacred texts and understand the essence of God and the universe in Judaism.

  • When Pythagorean ideas resurfaced in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, scholars and mystics were motivated to look into the numerological meaning of names, dates, and events.

Basics of Numerology

The solar system consists of nine planets. The numerals 1 through 9 are connected to these nine planets. Numerology and astrology both place a high value on numbers.

Numbers also play a big role in our life. Numbers are found everywhere, whether they be in your phone number, vehicle number, address, or date of birth. These numbers affect us in a certain way and contain special energy.

As per numerology, the planets are in certain alignment when you are born, and this energy is what gives your soul its frequency. For your lessons and development on this earthly level, you select your name and birthdate.

  • You are made up of seven primary numbers, did you know that? Numerology also shows relationships to one's soulmate, twin flame, and general compatibility.

  • Your own year cycle, your primary stage of life, your profession, your mission, the vibration of your home, and a host of other resources can all help you comprehend your destiny.

Numerology is based on fundamental ideas and principles that give numbers significance and power. Here's a summary of some important components:

Numerologists hold the belief that every number has an individual energetic vibration or frequency. It is believed that this vibration affects a variety of facets of life, personality, and experiences.

Explanation of the Core Principles of Numerology

Everything Can Be Reduced to Numbers: Numerology uses a reduction mechanism that allows nearly everything to be converted into a number. This includes names (by giving each letter a number value), birthdates, and even events.

Core Numbers and Their Significance: Numerology determines core numbers by computing these reductions as:

It is said that every core number reveals distinct facets of your character, abilities, difficulties, and possible course in life.

Master Numbers: Master numbers like 11, 22, or 33 may be produced by certain reduction procedures. These numbers are thought to have stronger vibrations and represent extraordinary possibilities or difficulties in that particular field.

Cycles and Universal Years: The idea of cycles is included in numerology. It is believed that the themes and events you may face in a given year are influenced by your personal year number, which is determined by your birthdate and the current year. Likewise, there is the idea of universal years, which are supposed to have a wider impact on everyone.

How Does Numerology Interpret Personality Traits and Predict Future Events?

The Numerology Calculator:

  • The numerology calculator is a powerful tool to evaluate a person's life, personality, and future possibilities based on their name and birthdate. Each number has a unique vibration and profound effects on an individual's life.

  • The numerology calculator analyzes and deciphers the energies and symbolism using a variety of computations and algorithms. It assesses the connotations attached to every number as well.

  • It can reveal information about a person's capabilities, shortcomings, strengths, and possible course in life.

  • A numerology calculator can be a very useful tool for introspection and personal development. Considering one's advantages and disadvantages when making decisions could be helpful. People are able to comprehend themselves and their life's journey on a deeper level.

Understanding Depression in Islam: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health
Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from depression, a complicated and difficult mental health illness. Within Islam, depression is recognized and treated using a multimodal approach that includes social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number, one of the most significant and influencing numbers in your complete chart, is determined by using your FULL date of birth.

In astrology, life path numbers are comparable to sun signs. But they reveal more than just your strengths, opportunities for growth, and hidden abilities; they also explain your divine mission or the reason you chose to become a physical being in the first place.

The digits 1 through 9 correlate to an individual's Life Path Number.

Your single-digit Life Path Number and the double-digit number (16/7, for instance) will frequently be written next to each other.

Your Life Path Number gains a unique "flavor" from this double-digit higher vibration. It is often examined in more detail ONLY if it is a Karmic Debt Number (13, 14, 16, or 19) or a Master Number (11, 22, or 33).

Our Full Birth Name has a vivid impact on how our entire chart is arranged. Though your Life Path Number is one of the most significant numbers in our Numerology Chart.

Three Core Name Numbers are determined by our FULL BIRTH NAME:

  • Expression or Destiny Number (calculated using the consonants and vowels in your name)
  • Soul Urge Number or Heart's Desire (calculated using the vowels in your name)
  • Your name's consonants are used to determine your personality number.
    Your Numerology Chart's other numbers have an impact on who you are and could become as well.

You can Click Here to calculate your life path number.

Step By Step Guide To Calculate Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number, which is also the most simple number to compute throughout your Numerology Chart, is regarded as the most significant life indication in numerology.
Your Life Path Number can inform you what qualities or abilities you have as well as what significant obstacles you might face in your journey.

How to Determine Your Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is determined by following these two basic math addition rules:

Rule 1:

Add each of the three birthday numbers—day, month, and year—single by single until you get a master number of 11 or 22, or a single digit between 1 and 9.

Sorting the Numbers

The Month, Day, and Year of your birth are first divided into separate integers and added together to determine your Life Path Number. Below, we will discuss other examples, but first, here is a basic example to get you started: When you add (1 + 4) = 5, the birthday of 14 becomes a 5.
Until there is just one number for every month, day, and year, you keep putting the numbers in a group together. After that, you add the groupings together and carry on until you reach a single number, which can be any of the master numbers 11 or 22, or it can be any number between 1 and 9.

Date of Birth: May 4, 1977
May is equal to 5 times 4.
1977 = (2 + 4) = 6 = (1 + 9 + 7 + 7) = 24
Next, add the sums for every group:
(Day + Month + Year)(5 + 4 + 6) = 15 (One + Five) = 6
Accordingly, a person born on May 4, 1977, belongs to Life Path 6.

Rule 2:

Do not decrease Master Numbers 11 or 22 to single digits until the very end of the computation if they are involved in the procedure.

Don't Reduce the master numbers

We examine the second rule next. The two-digit integers 11 or 22 (Example 1 + 1 = 2 or 2 + 2 = 4) should not be reduced if they appear in the groups throughout the computation; the reduction occurs only in the final equation.

This is so because, in Numerology, the numbers 11 and 22 are unique Master Numbers with additional attributes and meanings. something we'll discuss later.

Example of Master Number 11:

Date of Birth: July 29, 1974
July is equal to 7 x 29 x (2 + 9) x 11 (don't reduce).
(7 + 11 + 3) = 21 = (2 + 1) = 3; 1974 = (1 + 9 + 7 + 4) = 21 = (2 + 1) = 3.
According to this, someone born on July 29, 1974, is a: Path 3:

Life path numbers.png

Characteristics of the Life Path Numbers

Every number has a unique vibration and set of traits. It's comparable to how a C note in music may have radically diverse sounds depending on the instrument or octave.

The following traits are categorized as either Positive or Negative. However, the individual chooses how they will manifest each trait. Any attribute has the potential to be both constructive and destructive.

Life Path 1:

Aspirational, resolute, innovative, athletic, brave, independent, creative, and original
Overachievers who are Impatient, Self-Centered, Egotistical, Impulsive, Violent, and Insensitive

Life Path 2 Qualities.

Helpful, flexible, intuitive, romantic, diplomatic, cozy, serene, and sensitive
Wimpy, resentful, detached, overly sensitive, self-deprecating, self-righteous, and easily offended

Life Path 3 Qualities.

Positive, expressive, talkative, gregarious, artistic, joyful, upbeat, and creative
Dispersed, Imaginary, Excessively chatty, sarcastic, moody, critical, showy, and lack discipline

Life Path 4 Qualities.

Natured Traditional, logical, steady, persevering, helpful, and orderly Self-Controlled, Sensible
Restrictive, irritable, demanding, dull, obsessive, idealistic, rude, and moralistic

Life Path 5 Qualities.

Vast, imaginative, daring, charismatic, witty, flexible, industrious, inquisitive, negative
Indecisive, impulsive, addictive, volatile, disorganized, impatient, rebellious, and irresponsible

Life Path 6 Qualities.

Positivity, responsibility, nurturing, protection, stability, equilibrium, empathy, and compassion Positive Love
Overly accountable, stuffy, stifling, a homebody, a doormat, predictable, dull, and possessing a savior complex

Life Path 7 Qualities.

Analytical, rational, tactful, creative, knowledgeable, introspective, studious, and intuitive
Untrustworthy, calculating in the negative, aloof, cynical, egocentric, overly analytical, insensitive, and aloud

Life Path 8 Qualities

ambitious, perceptive, accomplished, charismatic, courageous, authoritative, and influential
Materialistic, avaricious, insensitive, workaholic, unavailable, domineering, and haughty

Life Path 9.

Donation, Humanitarian, altruistic, intelligent, idealistic, artistic, and expressive
Queen of Drama, Unhappy, egocentric, unrealistic, impractical, accusatory, unappreciative, and moody

Life Path 11.

Psychic, Motivating, Dreamer, Enlightened, Thoughtful, Perceptive, and Compassionate
Unconfident, withdrawn, self-critical, self-conscious, impractical, vindictive, and misinterpreted

Life Path 22.

logical, intuitive, skilled constructor, strong force, accomplished leader, resourceful
Unwilling, confused, irritated, Extremely tense, demanding, domineering, manipulative, and superior

Life Path 33.

Logical, Intuitive, Master Builder, Powerful Force, Leader, Achiever, Resourceful
Inflexible, Conflicted, Frustrated, Overly-Stressed, Demanding, Controlling, Superior, Manipulative

Relationship Compatibility in Numerology

The subject of numerology focuses on how numbers affect all facets of your life. There is more space in the universe than humans could ever comprehend. But when we reduce it to its most fundamental components, numbers are all that remain.

The astounding relationship that exists between your calculated numbers, your life, your actual self, and future events can be fully realized by knowing and comprehending your numerology numbers.

It's an incredibly precise occult science that reveals one startling reality. numbers have an influence on you and can even provide answers to your questions.

• What is the number on my life path?
• What is my ultimate goal? Why have I come here?
• What are my talents, skills, and areas of strength?
• Why do I keep drawing in particular challenges?
• What's in store for me?
• In terms of relationships, work, and anything else, what should I do?

As you may know, 80% of people are not entirely content with their careers or jobs. Are you in agreement? This is for a cause that is concealed in your unique numerology chart.

Many people repeatedly draw in the same circumstances and companions. This has a numerological explanation, thus it's not random.

You'll make wiser decisions if you use our numerology calculator to better grasp who you are. This can improve your level of satisfaction in a lot of areas, including your relationships, profession, and hobbies.

Numerology offers numerous benefits. Discover what skills, hidden talents, spiritual gifts, and strengths you possess, as well as your life's purpose, by using this wisdom to determine compatibility with potential mates and much more!

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Exploring how numerology can be used to assess compatibility between individuals

How to Determine Your Compatibility with Numbers

Using your base number, which is the digit sum of the day and month of your birth, you may determine your numerology compatibility. "This number influences your personality, life lessons, gifts, and challenges. It also influences who you're attracted to in friendships, romantically, or work well with."

  • Your base number is determined by which day of the month you were born, as base numbers go from 1 to 9. To find the total if your birthdate has two digits, just put them together.

  • For example, a person born on the 24th of the month will have a base number of 6 after adding 2 and 4.

  • It helps to comprehend numerology compatibility by having a general understanding of the energies of the base number. The odd numbers are vast, vigorous, dynamic, and focused outward. Conversely, the even numbers are more inward-focused, static, magnetic, and reactive.

  • Naturally, opposite base numbers incline toward one another. All kinds of relationships, including friendships, romantic relationships, and professional relationships, can benefit from numerology compatibility combinations.

  • The most satisfying combinations are either based on two people who embody very different qualities, or finding someone who shares and understands the energy that you express, but does not carry the exact same energies," the author writes.

Compatibility of Numbers Based on Your Base Number

Base 1

This base number is drawn to 4s and 7s as well as other 1s. Those who are in romantic relationships are most compatible with numbers 3, 7, and 9. Even if there is attraction, she continues, relationships may not endure since 1s frequently find it difficult to comprehend a 6's and 8's approach to romantic relationships.

Base 2

In terms of base number 2, they are particularly attracted to 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9, and they make excellent loving partners with 4 and 9. This base number is advised to exercise caution when falling in love because they can tend to drown in other people's emotional lives.

Base 3

Nearly every base number, including 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9, is compatible with base 3. With more base numbers than others, 3s will put a lot of effort into their relationships and make them work. They should remember to make fun a priority in their connections.

Base 4

In particular, this number complements 1, 3, 6, 7, and 8 well in life. There is often a deep unspoken understanding between 4s and 8s. This can lead to really loving relationships, but if one of them is going through challenges they can start attacking the other instead of asking for the support they need."

Base 5

The most suitable numbers in romantic relationships are 5s with 1, 3, 5, and 9. For this base number you should be going slowly. They tend to speed through all the stages of a relationship. Look for the comfortable silence with another person."

Base 6

As life partners, base number 6 is most compatible with 1, 3, and 9. "They are here to love and be loved. "They will attract a lot of close and meaningful relationships and connections but need to be aware of establishing and keeping clear boundaries so their significant other does not have to worry about the nature of these connections.

Base 7

People with base 7 are most compatible with 1, 3, 6, and 9 numbers. They are also frequently drawn to 4s. This specific combination is successful because Wilder explains, "4s and 7s are both radical in their thinking but in very different ways. They need to honor the other's need for freedom. The more grounded their partner is, the more the 7 feels free to soar, daydream, and create."

Base 8

You're probably most compatible with base numbers 1, 3, 5, and 6 if you're a base 8. As a rule, "8s are attracted to the lightness and quickness of others, yet have trouble inviting people inside. They often stand at one point in life for a long time before making a change. Honoring an 8’s internal journey is important for both parties."

Base 9

Life partners wise, 9s are most compatible with those who have base numbers 1, 2, 3, and 6. "9s tend to suddenly make enemies of very close or amicable relationships when something in their worldview gets triggered," says Wilder, explaining why it's important for this number to address their triggers regardless of their compatibility with other numbers. "They ought to concentrate on identifying points of agreement and maintaining open channels of communication.

Career and Financial Success Through Numerology

Numerology Career according to life path number:

There are particular traits linked to each life path number. Planning your career can be aided by determining your life path number. You can learn more about the individuals and settings you will work well with once you have determined your number.

The first career route in life
This class of people are born with exceptional potential for financial success. They are brave, aspirational people who put forth a lot of effort to succeed. Their boldness and imaginative perspectives enable them to succeed. They should refrain from their frequent tendencies of overconfidence, rage, and impulsivity to ensure continuous progress.

These locals are excellent photographers. Furthermore, those who follow life path number one professionally can also excel as graphic designers. Additionally, they might excel in entertainment-related industries. Leadership objectives may also be optimally achieved from them. Since they enjoy working with law and order, those who are passionate about protocol should also consider careers in those disciplines.

The second career route in life
Even though Number 2 people typically lead happy lives, their lack of initiative stands in the way of their success and suitable careers. They lack the fortitude and tenacity needed to carry out brilliant ideas. Despite their propensity for making excellent plans, they frequently struggle to carry them out. It is therefore suggested that they concentrate on workable strategies and concepts. They can learn to make use of their capacity to interact with people.

These folks are good candidates for careers in fashion because of their nature. They also have a good chance of becoming excellent authors and matchmakers. Additionally, those with life path number two can make excellent politicians. These natives would typically switch to something that would provide them a proper sail in this direction because they enjoy attention and renown.

career and numerology.png

The third career path in life
One of the most admirable qualities of number three people is that they are creative and adept at solving problems. They are incredibly talented and imaginative artists. Professionally, they will flourish in any subject that involves innovation, problem-solving, and networking. When they pursue their passions, they frequently find enormous success. To achieve greatness, they ought to put their networking abilities to use. They should refrain from engaging in any criminal activity, though, as it will be counterproductive.

These individuals typically have a strong distaste for industries like marketing and related services. They are experts in public relations since they also have a passion for the advertising industry. People who have life path number three will excel in the media. Consequently, broadcasting and related fields would be excellent for them as well.

Career path number four in life
People on life path number four have the aptitude and knowledge needed to pursue prosperous careers. Their strength, which enables them to accomplish their professional objectives, is their strong sense of determination. Nothing can prevent them from reaching their objectives, but they must learn to accept constructive criticism and avoid thinking negatively. These individuals will impart sound accounting principles to others. They handle a lot of tasks involving money.

Those with Life Path Number 4 are excellent bankers and accountants. They also had success providing financial consulting. They have the persona that enables them to live disciplined lives and have a better future. These individuals will also excel as engineers and athletes. Furthermore, tax-related jobs are quite beneficial to them.

Career path number five in life
These are people who possess an almost innate aptitude for business from birth. They exhibit great enterprise and promise. Their incredible intelligence and superior business sense are their biggest assets. Individuals who follow the fifth life path have plenty of chances to succeed financially through academic and technical endeavors. These people have achieved extraordinary success as business owners. However, their agitation may be detrimental to them and their efforts.

Their success will be harmed if they can't learn to restrain their impulses. These folks will excel at creating works from antiquity. Furthermore, they would excel in the marketing and advertising sectors. They adore being outside. Therefore, for those with Life path number 5 in their professional life, a career in travel will also be fantastic.

Career path number six in life
They are fortunate to draw prosperity and good fortune in their pursuits. When it comes to their careers, people with life path number 6 folks are quite fortunate. Given their innate need for luxury, they make every effort to prosper and amass enormous fortune. These individuals also prefer to work sensibly. These folks so perform admirably as preachers.

Those in the sixth life path pay attention to other people. As a result, they assist others in need. Six-life route Native Americans are excellent educators. They also enjoy working hard, therefore jobs in the real estate industry might be a good fit for them. They have easy power to coerce. Thus, these indigenous people are ideal for positions where they can have an impact on others.

Career path number seven in life
Individuals with life path number seven are highly vivacious and busy. They possess the tenacity required to maximize their opportunities. They should learn to control their temper if they want to draw in a fantastic profession. They ought to strive to have a little more optimism as well. They are frequently constrained and unable to reach their full potential by their negative outlook. These people's ability to dream large and turn those dreams into reality is one of their greatest assets.

People with the numerological number 7 are plain analysts and scientists because of these characteristics. They are perceptive individuals who have a passion for math and science. Consequently, occupations require computer expertise, mental juggling, and the pursuit of novel concepts.

Career path number eight in life
Although those on Life Path Number 8 do not have it all from birth, they can alter that by changing the way they see things. Their way of living determines how prosperous they are. They will be enjoying success and prosperity if they have optimism. They initially have to work hard and overcome obstacles in order to carve out a niche for themselves. They will, nevertheless, be rewarded for their efforts.

These indigenous people serve greater authority and power. They enjoy starting businesses and making money off of them. Furthermore, these individuals have the potential to excel as advocates, soldiers, and other roles. They enjoy leading focused, aspirational lives. Therefore, a career in law enforcement would be a good fit for those with Life Path Number 8.

Career path number nine in life
The number nine possesses the good fortune and luck necessary to attain success. The person in question has the capacity and aptitude to pursue a prosperous profession, but they will require careful planning and perseverance to see any plans through to completion. They must realize that even the most brilliant ideas require time to develop. Their tremendous level of energy and bravery will pay off. They are also very good at captivating others and have a giving mindset.

The best career option for these individuals would be something in the legal field. These people enjoy setting the social norms in society because they have a great sense of success. They could thus be excellent influencers or managers of big businesses and organizations.

Achievement of Financial Success:

Number 8: Known as the number of riches and plenty, the number 8 stands for success in business, material accomplishments, and prosperity. For companies that deal with investments, real estate, or finance, this is a potent figure. People who are born under the fortunate number 8 are frequently endowed with success and financial security.

Click on the link to check the career and financial prospects through life path numbers

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Numerology In Islam

According to Islamic teachings the essences of realities are tied to numbers. They strip a work or a reality of all its outer layers, and then they use the secret that is at the core of it all to portray it.

Thus, we can better grasp a product or reality if we describe it in terms of its most basic form (molecule, then atomic, then quantum, and so on). The more basic the representation—a single digit in place of two or three, which would indicate different levels covering the creation or reality—the more precise the knowledge related to that creation.

Any creation can be described in one of two ways as per Quran

67:3. He layered the creation of the seven heavens. You find no inconsistency in the creation of the Most Merciful. Now, flip back [your] view. Are there any breaks?

67:4. Look again and again, and eventually your sight will return, dimmed and dulled.

  • Shape or Subject Formal components Level of Molecular Structure Quantum Atoms The science of an item or "light" Quark is, Therefore, numerical codes provide a more accurate description of every production.

  • The world of the Periodic Table in chemistry is one where numbers are significant. Every creation may be described by using the elements and numerical values found in the periodic table.

  • For example, carbon-6, hydrogen-1, helium-2, oxygen-8, and nitrogen-7 make up human bodies. With its atoms and chemical code of numbers, you can characterize any other creation, including chairs, rocks, and stars.

  • Computer technology is an additional field in which numbers are crucial. Allah is demonstrating to us through that technology that the number system is the highest, since it is associated with Angelic Knowledge.

  • Thus, a production is stripped of its layers of faults by numbers (the flaws being the ego's telltale signals) and presented in its most basic form: the form of servanthood.

  • But letters become words, and words become phrases, which become thoughts. You can see that when the ego starts to interfere through imagination, there is a great deal of space for errors when it comes to ideas. All those levels of shallowness are removed by numbers. Numbers has higher coding.

The Abjad Table - Islamic Numerology

  • One is the first number. It is the Divine Essence, the Alif. the infinite line that has no start and no finish.

  • Two is the second number. [2 is an acronym for "Ba"] The Hadith Qudsi, which states, "I was a Treasure and I wanted to be Known," is true.

  • The Divine Mirror of 1+1 or 2 is that reality. But in actuality, there is only one world with a mirror.

  • Subsequently, 3 is the third number, which is represented as 2+1. Thus, the number three stands for the boundless seas of Power, the realm of subdued creation that includes angels, jinn, and light beings.

  • The number 3 therefore serves as the parent number for all other numbers.Thus, all creations originate from the number three.

  • 3+1 = 4; 3+2 = 5; 3+3 = 6; 3+4 = 7; 3+5 = 8; 3+6 = 9

  • Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are involved.

Abjad table 1.png

  • Then, in order to create 10s, 100s, and 1000s, we must repeat the numbers.

  • For instance, we must choose 1 and 0 from the single digits in order to create the number 10.

  • As a result, the largest last single-digit number is nine. The standard system of numbers is limitless.

  • People always discuss in terms of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, and so forth. No "one large number" exists that may be referred to as the ultimate number, beyond which no other number exists.

  • Therefore, it makes appropriate to use the number 9 as the last digit, without repetition.

Abjad table 2.png

First - Unity of Allah (aj) - Central

We stated that the base numbers in the oceans of numerical reality are 1 through 9. that you possess from 1, signifying the Divine's Oneness.

Since we can only perceive one nucleus in an atom, there aren't two, three, or four gods—there is just one Creator. There would be mayhem if there were two nucleuses because the electrons wouldn't know which one to go around.

The Prophetic Reality of Number 2

  • We start learning about the Ocean of Power in Position 2. that the One acts as a mirror to initiate the prophetic reality.

  • The prophetic light is created from the Divine Light when the Divine creates creation.

  • Thus, 1 is our circle's center, the One Source of Power. The prophets are not by accident. These souls are pure.

  • The Divine is aware that since those were made before anything else and are reflections of the One, they will already be there when He creates them in the Ocean of Light.

  • Consequently, 2 stands for the reflection of 1's secret. This circle has the prophets as its radius. They link all of them to the same hub.

  • Every one of them is a brother. None of the radiuses reach a separate center. All of the prophets are interconnected like a wheel's spokes if the center is 1.

  • A spoke cannot be located elsewhere. The wheel of creation is one.
    يُا اِلّهَ اِلَّا اللهُؠمُحَمَّدُ Illahiyaa رَّسُولُ اللهِ مُحَمَّدُ Muhammadun RasulAllah, Allah

  1. There is no other god.
  2. Muhammad is Allah's messenger
  3. Reality: Soul Creation and Circumference

That One is Ahad, from the Essence of the Divine. La ilaha illAllah means that there is nothing in that One but Allah. The prophets' souls are the ocean of two that Allah will create when He creates.

Three are born out of that prophetic light. Three is the key to both the three-dimensional creation and our souls.

The base is now the 3. The basis is 3, to which all further numbers up to 9 will now be added.

The Reality of Number Four (3+1) 3 + 1 = 4- The Creation of Form from Four Elements:

Divine Power with Soul equals Form - Creation

  • Three is your base; add one now. Meaning that the Divine Power of 1 starts to strike that 3 and starts to instruct us in the truth of 4, which is that our shape was created by the power of 4.

  • Everything in the created world is made of the four basic elements of fire, earth, wind, and water.

  • First, water. The Divine states, "My Throne was upon the water," referring to all that was made of water.

"Wa huwal ladhee khalaqas samawati wal arda fee sittati ayyamin, wa kana 'arshuhu 'alal ma ye liyabluwakum ayyukum ahsanu 'amalan,..." According to verse 11. "And He who made the earth and the heavens in six days, with His throne perched on the water, is the one who will test you to see who is the best in deed," says Surat Hud.(Quranic text)

"And it is true that we created man from a clay extract." (Revelation 23:12)

  • Divine then starts teaching us that we were formed from teen, from earth. Then the truth about soil starts to dawn on us: everything grows on soil that has the ability to absorb water.

  • Moreover, soil can put out fires. We can hold water because of our wonderful creation, which allows angels to enter us, bless us, and create numerous realities.

  • We are all burning with something at the same time. We can put out that fire if we apply that teen's reality. For this reason, tayammum, you remove bad energy by taking sand and clean soil and washing them when you don't have water.

Abjad image.png

Number 5 (3+2): Reality - 5 Senses · Ha = 5 - Hidayat (Guidance)
2 plus 3 equals 5.
Direction: Soul in the Ocean of Power + Prophecy in the Ocean

  • Three plus two indicates that five realities are opened by three from Bahr ul-Qudra's realities, the prophets' ocean, and the ocean of two. Thus, 3 + 2 indicates that the actuality of 5 is unlocked by the soul reclothed in the prophets' secret, and 5 is direction, or hidayah.

  • In your reality, your five senses are used. The senses that you employ include hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and lastly tasting. In the real world, we employ this in everything we do.

  • Use your spiritual hearing, use your spiritual seeing, and use your spiritual touch are the corresponding five senses for the soul. Turn subtle, and experience sensations that others cannot.

  • Make use of your spiritual sense of smell: aromatherapy is a manifestation of angelic reality since fragrance carries angelic power. Things that offend you are recognized as shaytaan once you have used your spiritual scent to identify them. It's horrible if it smells bad.

  • It is angelic force if it smells nice and pleasant. So, a pleasant scent lifts our spirits. Health comes from a pleasant fragrance. At that point, the air's subtlety starts to reveal its actuality.

  • The actuality of taste, then, is the ultimate level of reality. We are sampling reality at that point. We start to taste in that Heavenly Presence as we taste from our souls—hearing from them, touching from them, smelling from them.

Number 6 (3+3) in Reality: Waw = 6, الودود Al Wadood (The Loving One)

Three plus three equals six. True Being + Imitated Being = Love

      (Soul in the Body) + (Soul in the Presence of the Divine)

The symbol 3 + 3 represents how our soul's reality starts to reveal to us the mystery of Divine Love. that the things in your body and your soul collide. Knowing the three, you may reconnect with your true self and stop becoming the impersonated version of yourself. Your soul's reality is eternally in the Divine Presence.

Number 7's Reality: 7 Lataif's Opening and Holy Openings

 Perfection of Body + Perfection of Soul = Opens 7 Lataif 3 + 4 = 7.

The actuality of the 4 and the 7 is then revealed by means of 3 and 4. implies that you have reached the pinnacle of soul perfection at level 3, and that physicality represents level 4 perfection. The 7's secret is revealed by those 3 and 4.
represents the seven holy openings, the seven rings of an atom, the seven rounds of the Ka'bah, the seven paradises, and all seven of them are associated with the seven that perfect your body, your soul, and all seven of your chakras, or lataifs, towards the actuality of perfection.

Number 8 (3+4): The Ocean of Hayat حيات (Eternal Living) - ح Ha = 8

                                  3 plus 5 equals 8. Soul plus guidance equals the Ocean of Hayat.

Then, we said that 3 plus 5 meant that 5 was advice. The soul has arrived at the actuality of hayat if it attains the perfection of guiding. The key to life is found in the ha of hayaat. 8 and it's forever. You are now in the Ocean of Al-Hayaat-الحيات hayy حي hayy, hayy, hayy, hayy (The Ever Living) [One of Allah's Names] if you have completed your physically and soul. This indicates that you have entered the realm of the ever-living and have transformed into one of the saints of the ever-living, who have given up their wants to enter the realm of life and the ever-living.

Number - 9

The actual value of 9 (3 + 6) Fana: Full Submission 36 = Surah Yasin: The Core of the Qur'an

Suratul Yaseen, the qalb of the Qur'an, is represented by the number 36. 3 plus 6 represents the reality of the soul plus the reality of love. Three plus six equals nine, which is the truth of nine and symbolizes the perfection of the soul and the perfection of love. The sultan is the king of numbers. Nine is the ideal number. Nine is the highest number that exists. Nine is the total amount of submission.

One and zero is ten. 23 is 2 and 3, while 11 is 1 and 1. These fundamental components will be used in everything. Since nine is the largest number, it stands for perfection and invincibility. 9 times 2 equals 18, and 1 plus 8 returns to 9. Any number multiplied by nine adds back to nine. Thus, nine represents the monarch, the sultan, perfection, and total surrender. You become a nuqt, or dot, after nine because you have mastered your obedience or serventhood to Allah Azzawajal.

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