40 Rabbana Duas: A Guide to Supplications from the Quran

40 Rabbana Duas: A Guide to Supplications from the Quran
The Halal Planet - 40 Rabbana Duas: A Guide to Supplications from the Quran

Introduction of Duas from Quran


The fundamental component of worship, dua, is the weapon of the believer. a means of altering the predetermined course that Allah SWT has already set for us. We might lessen the difficulties, challenges, and tests that Allah SWT may have planned for us by making prayers and duas from quran.

You may already be familiar with some of these well-known prophetic dua's from quran, which the Prophet recited when everything seemed to be working against them and they were experiencing the worst of adversity.

Every circumstance you encounter in life has a corresponding dua; these will do more than anything to offer you solace and tranquility.

We put our all into our exam preparation; we don't merely study for the sake of passing. Similarly, our dua's must be strong; we do not have to worry about what occurs after, but we do need to ensure that they have all the necessities that the Sunnah dictates.

You cannot beg Allah SWT for your ideal work and then do nothing significant to bring it about. Even when we beg Allah SWT to make things happen, nothing can occur without his will. However, we have to move forward with the required measures and have faith that He knows what's best for us.

Through examining the narratives of Musa and Zakariya عليه السلام, we are able to gain personal knowledge. The Quran informs us that Allah SWT answered their duas due to the excellent deeds they committed before approaching Him. The Prophets of Allah SWT have also observed a pattern in which they have employed the proper names and attributes of Allah SWT.

The Origin and Importance of 40 Rabbana Duas


There are forty revealed duas from Qur'an that start with the Arabic phrase Rabbana (رَبَّنَا), which means "Our Lord." The verse then goes on to beg Allah (swt) for various things, including protection, safety, victory, prosperity, money, success, and forgiveness.

These are some of the best Quranic duas that a person can learn, memorize, and recite. These duas are collectively known as the 40 Rabbana duas from Qur'an.

There are several du'as with amazing backstories as well. We'll do our best to provide you with a brief overview and some background on where, when, and why they were released.

Some of these well-known prophetic du'as may already be familiar to you; the Prophets would recite them when circumstances appeared to be against them and they were facing their greatest trials.

For your convenience, we have provided each Rabbana dua with an English translation and transliteration, enabling you to both pronounce and comprehend their meaning.

A Closer Look at 40 Rabbana Duas from Quran

1. Dua For Acceptance Of Whatever Good You Have Done

dua 1.webp

This du'a can be said whenever you want Allah (swt) to acknowledge the good deed you just completed. Du'a Prophet Ibrahim (as) said when he and his son had finished building the Kaaba.

2. Dua For The Success Of The Entire Muslim Ummah

dua 2 (1).webp

Reciting this du'a will confirm your belief in Islam. It's also a nice prayer to beg for the prosperity of the Muslim Ummah as a whole. Du'a Prophet Ibrahim (as) said when he and his son had finished building the Kaaba.

3. Dua For The Good In This World

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One of the most powerful duas that a believer can say. It prays for good things in this world and remembers to pray for good things in the akhira (afterlife). So keep Me in mind, and I'll keep you in mind. And do not withhold your gratitude from Me. (2:152)

4. Dua For Patience

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Requesting protection from Allah (swt), endurance in all undertakings, and success. Prophet Dawud (as) recited a prophetic du'a for protection, saying: As Dawud (as) was younger and smaller than Jalut (goliath), he did not appear to be the favorite to prevail in combat. However, the verse states, "And Allah gave him dominion and wisdom, and taught him the knowledge of whatever He desired." (2:251)

5. Dua For Repentance

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This du'a is offered in remorse, or tawbah. To beg Allah (swt) for forgiveness is the best sort of du'a a Muslim can offer. It demonstrates your humility and keeps you from becoming arrogant or boastful. One trait that demonstrates your total dependence on Allah (swt) for everything is persistent repentance.

6. Dua To Make The Right Path Easy For Us

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This du'a urges Allah (swt) to make the believers' journey toward righteousness simple. pleading Allah (swt) for the challenges we face in life to be ones we can conquer and endure. not to be put through more hardship than our forebears.

7. Dua For Forgiveness

dua 7.webp

There are three potent duas in Surah Baqarah's final ayat alone that can be uttered aloud or separately. Among the Qur'anic verses that people memorize the most are the final two ayat. "If anyone recites two verses from the last of Surah Baqarah at night, they will be sufficient for him," declared the Messenger of Allah (ٵصلى الله عليه وسلم).

8. Dua For Mercy

dua 8.webp

A believer can also recite a lovely du'a in which they plead for Allah's rahma, or mercy. The believer is aware that Allah (swt) is the one who makes everything possible. In this du'a, we beseech Allah to create us among the guided and to keep our souls from straying from the truth once we have discovered it, regardless of the circumstances or surroundings.

9. Dua To Strengthen Our Belief In The Afterlife

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This is a du'a said by believers to express their confidence in the hereafter. A location where we will either pay the price for our mistakes or be rewarded for our good efforts and actions. "In fact, Allah fulfills his promises."

10. Dua To Sheild Us From Hellfire

dua 10.webp

A du'a for forgiveness and safety. We beg Allah (swt) to pardon us and keep us safe from the hellfire's wrath. "Recall that when you asked your Lord for assistance, He said, 'Yes, I will provide you with a thousand angels who will follow each other.'" (8:9)

11. Dua Of Faith And Worship

dua 11.webp

Du'a of faith and worship, meaning to count us among the truth-bearers. The account of Allah's (swt) rescue of Jesus (as) from the Jewish children who conspired against him is found in the Qur'an: "[Mention] the moment when Allah said, 'O Jesus, indeed I will take you and raise you to Myself and purify [i.e., free] you from those who disbelieve" (3:55)

12. Dua For Victory

dua 12.webp

Du'a for fortitude, triumph, and contrition. to firmly place one's foot against evil. "Therefore Allah gave them the reward of this world and the good reward of the Hereafter," the verse that follows states. Additionally, Allah is fond of good deeds.

13. Dua Praising Allah SWT

dua 13.webp

Du'a thanking Allah (swt) and pleading Him to keep Jahannam (fire) away. If we take the time to observe the world, we will see how intricately designed everything made by Allah is. As we can see, nothing was produced randomly. Every one of his creations has a higher purpose. This is a prayer of thanksgiving, expressing your admiration for life's beauty. The du'a keeps pleading with Allah (swt) for deliverance from the fire's punishment and for protection on the day of judgment.

14. Dua For Reminding You To Be Just

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It's possible that we don't give our origins much thought, but eventually we will start to consider our future. We'll begin to consider the effects of what we've done. The study of the cause-and-effect relationship is significant. You know the fate of the wrongdoers, so use this prayer as inspiration to keep your focus on your goals.

15. Dua Of Humility

dua 15.webp

Du'a of faith, humility, and surrender. After listening to the caller's message and hearing about Prophet Muhammad Saws, we have decided to believe.

16. Dua For Asking Allah SWT Wash Away Our Sins

dua 16.webp

A prayer of repentance, washing away our transgressions, and pleading with Alla (swt) to lead us to the proper path as we pass away. According to Ibn Abbas (ra), one night when I spent the night at my aunt Maimuna's home, I promised myself that I would observe Allah's Messenger ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) pray. Allah's Messenger (ٵلى الله عليه وسلم) slept on a cushion that my aunt had arranged for him. When he woke up, he rubbed the sleep from his face and continued reciting the final ten verses of Surah Imran.

17. Dua For Avoiding Humiliation

dua 17.webp

Offer a prayer of humility to avoid embarrassment on the Day of Judgment. A sincere believer cannot question Allah's (swt) ability to keep his word. This is actually a supplication to Allah (swt) pleading to live up to his promise.

18. Dua For Making You From Among Who Believe

dua 18.webp

For people who wish to testify to the truth and declare their belief in it out loud, a du'a. If someone is truly thankful, it is for the benefit of their own soul; yet, if someone is unthankful, Allah is truly abundant and deserving of all honor.

19. Dua For Provision

dua 19.webp

A du'a for supplies. The word "provision" refers to giving something, such as food, money, or a means of subsistence. We approach to Allah (swt) and beg him to provide for us because he is the source of all good provisions. This is a du'a that Isa (Alayhis salaam) said in which he begs for enough sustenance for himself and his disciples. "I am going to send it down to you; but whoever from you disbelieves after that, I shall give him a punishment I shall not give to anyone in the worlds," says Allah (swt) in response to the verse.

20. Dua For When We Err

dua 20.webp

A repentance-focused du'a (tawbah). We can take a cue from Adam's (as) reaction to his mistake. A wonderful indication of our faith and commitment to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is our ability to acknowledge our shortcomings and feelings of remorse. We beseech his pardon and steer clear of the same errors. After sinning in paradise, Prophet Adam (as) said this du'a.

21. Dua For Keeping Away From Bad Influence

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We ought to be aware that the individuals we spend time with make up our entire identity. Although we may know intellectually that those who commit evil will not have a happy ending, we might not be aware of this fact in our daily lives since it happens little by little. We only become aware of our error in judgment when the conclusion is revealed. Sadly, by then, it's too late. With this du'a, we beseech Allah to keep us from suffering from that destiny.

22. Dua Of Prophet Suhaib عليه السلام

dua 22.webp

The du'a of Prophet Suhaib(as). This du'a was recited by Prophet Suhaib (as) in the face of strong opposition from the city's distinguished citizens. In the event that he made up a falsehood against Allah, they threatened to kick him out of the city. "If we had gone back to your religion after Allah had delivered us from it, we would have made up a lie against Him," was his response. Furthermore, we should not go back there unless Allah, our Lord, so desires. The knowledge of Our Lord encompasses all things. Next, he repeated the previous Rabbana du'a.

23. Dua Of Prophet Musa عليه السلام

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The Dua of Prophet Musa (as) . Du'a for endurance, sabr (patience), and a prayer asking Allah to grant us a just death. This was spoken after Firawn threatened Musa (as) and resorted to persecution after he flung his staff and proved the truth to everyone who didn't believe.

24. Dua For Protection

dua 24.webp

The companions of Musa (as) prayed in this manner, requesting protection from wicked and unjust people. It's a du'a for prosperity and safety. It requests not to be used as an example by skeptics. They sought to be a light of goodness in the world and were actually persecuted by the despotic Firawn.

25. Dua to Remind That Allah Is Watching

dua 25.webp

Du'a demonstrating total dependence and faith in Allah (swt). This du'a serves as a reminder that Allah is supremely powerful and all-knowing. that there is nothing Allah (swt) cannot see. Whether our intentions are dishonest or genuine, he is aware of them.

26. Dua for Acceptance Of Our Supplications

dua 26.webp

The Prophet Ibrahim's du'a (as). Prophet Ibrahim (as) is aware of the mistakes made by earlier societies. Thus, he begs Allah (swt) to make us and the next generation of Muslims in this du'a. more especially, those who carry out their daily prayer commitment—the second obligation. We beseech Allah (swt) to hear and accept our supplication as we close the du'a.

27. Dua For Forgiveness Of Our Parents

dua 27.webp

Prophet Ibrahim's (as) du'a suggested use: Make a du'a asking Allah (swt) to pardon both your parents and yourself. "The deceased person can be raised a degree after his death," stated Abu Hurairah (ra). "My Lord, how is this?" he said. "Your child can ask for forgiveness on your behalf," he was informed. (Al-Mufrad, Al-Adab, 36)

28. Dua For Guidance During Tough Times

dua 28.webp

Du'a asking Allah's (swt) pardon, patience, provision, and permission. The young men who recited this du'a, which can be found in Surah Kahf, also known as "the cave," did so after fleeing their city out of fear of being persecuted for practicing their religion and seeking safety in the cave. During those difficult times, they prayed to their creator, seeking guidance, and their pleas were heard.

29. Dua To Help Us To Point Out What Is Wrong

dua 29.webp

It might be frightening to stand up for what is right and to stop being a bystander when we observe injustice taking place around us, as both Harun (as) and Musa (as) recited in the du'a. Harun (as) and Musa (as), who feared Firawn and prayed to Allah for assistance, also found it difficult. In response, Allah said in the verse that follows, "Do not be scared. I can hear you both and I am definitely with you both.

30. Dua For Calling Upon The Most Merciful

dua 30.webp

Du'a calling upon Allah by his true attribute of being Ar-Rahim, which means the most merciful, and pleading for his mercy. There are further verses in the Qur'an, such as 7:151, 21:83, 23:118, 12:64, and 12:92, that assert he is the most forgiving.

31. Dua Reminding Us Of Hell

dua 31.webp

Du'a serves as a reminder of the terrible place known as hell. It begs Allah(swt) to keep Jahannam away from us.

32. Dua For Righteous Spouse And Children

dua 32.webp

Qurrata 'ayioni is an old Arabic phrase that means to provide "coolness to the eye," especially when referring to calmness, joy, or happiness from a spiritual standpoint. pleading with Allah (swt) to give us "coolness of the eyes" with our spouses, our kids, and the next generation. to present us as a worthy leader and an example for the morally upright.

33. Dua To Remind That Allah SWT Is All-Forgiving

dua 33.webp

According to the Qur'an, a believer would say this kind of du'a when they arrive at the Garden of Eden. They will give thanks and praise to Allah (swt) incessantly for his forgiveness and gratitude. Because of our imperfections and tendency toward wrongdoing, Allah (swt) will pardon us and value the meager amount of good actions we accomplish during our lives. Little, as we can never do enough to be genuinely worthy of heaven's gifts. Two of Allah's true names and attributes are mentioned in this du'a: Al-Ghafoor and Ash-Shakur.

34. Dua For Everyone

dua 35.webp

The extent of Allah's (swt) mercy and knowledge is infinite. This du'a begs Allah (swt) to show mercy to everyone who believes and has turned to their creator in istighfar (repentance).

35. Dua To Reunite With Your Family In Jannah

dua 34.webp

A du'a requesting the reunion of believers with their family in Jannah (i.e., returning to your ancestral homes, marriages, and offspring). In addition, this du'a invokes Allah (swt) in the righteous capacities of Al-Aziz, the great one, and Al-Hakeem, the intelligent one. In closing, the du'a begs for protection on the day of judgment and for his mercy, which would be the greatest gift of all.

36. Dua To Remind That Other People Can Be Preceded In Faith

dua 36.webp

A du'a that embodies the mindset we ought to have for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Individuals who "preceded us in faith" are individuals who converted to Islam prior to the exodus from Makkah to Yathrib. All those who adopted Islam following the exodus would be considered those who followed. This du'a serves as a reminder that we are all members of the Ummah and that we shouldn't be hateful or resentful of one another. We must keep loving our community and refrain from feeling jealous of any blessings that Allah (swt) has given to someone else.

37. Dua: Praise Of Allah SWT’s Attributes

dua 37.webp

A praiseful du'a that makes use of two of Allah's proper names and characteristics. The first is Ar-Ra'uf, which means the benign one and the one with the most compassion and kindness. The second is Ar-Raheem, which means "the most merciful," the one who is incredibly kind and extends mercy to all of creation.

38. Dua To Strengthen Us To Rely On Allah SWT Alone

dua 38.webp

In everything, we must put all of our faith and confidence in Allah (swt). This du'a confirms that we have depended only on Him. In addition, it is a prayer of remembering that life is fleeting. When we return to Allah (swt), that is the ultimate destination.

39. Dua Of Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام

dua 39.webp

Prophet Ibrahim's (as) du'a: This is a du'a that Prophet Ibrahim (as) recited, pleading for the victory of the believers over the unbelievers. not to turn us into "objects of torment," which would lead the disbelievers to believe incorrectly that what they had done was right if they prevailed. They would wonder how Allah (swt) could let his people suffer defeats. The du'a then goes on to describe Allah (swt) as azeezul hakeem, which translates to "the most wise and powerful."

40. Dua Asking Allah To Perfect Our Light

dua 40.webp

One more lovely du'a pleading for Jannah. Surah Al-Hadid verse 12 tells us that believing men and women will have a light shining from their right hands on the day of judgment. They'll hear "some good news for you today." It will be the hypocrites who stumble in the dark. This du'a begs Allah (swt) to pardon our transgressions and to complete or perfect our light for that day. Yes, Allah (swt) is capable of controlling everything.

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