Middle Eastern Desserts: A Halal Culinary Journey

Embark on an aromatic journey into the world of Middle Eastern desserts. Each bite here is a feast of flavors, textures, and cultural meaning. From the rich, layered decadence of baklava to the light and refreshing sweetness of umm Ali, let's dig in !!!

Is Tiramisu Halal? A Comprehensive Guide

Alcohol is considered haram as it causes intoxicating and can lead to addiction and other negative habits. If the tiramisu contains alcohol, it is not halal. It will be haram to consume such Tiramisu

Is Raising Canes Halal?

Determining the exact Halal status of Raising Canes remains a complex issue with no definitive answer. Unfortunately, there are both factors suggesting it might not be Halal and aspects hinting at potential compliance in some locations.